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About Dunewall

If noise reduction and privacy are critical to your operations, look no further than the Dunewall acoustic wall system for your commercial, heavy duty industrial, mining, road and railway applications. The modular acoustic panel system is the cost effective alternative to high block walls and tilt panel concrete alternatives. Pre-engineered to 12metres in height to suit a variety of wind regions and available as a single or double wall acoustic solution, Dunewall is solving troublesome noise issues right across Australia.

Dunewall provides a clean stylish fibre cement finish to both sides of the wall that can easily be finished by spray or roller including anti-graffiti coatings for extra protection. Installation couldn’t be easier. You dig a neat row of holes for footings to concrete the structural steel posts in one day and assemble your wall the next using our unique, boltless Centalok™ system. Cranes are not required to fit the panels and the system ensures minimal site disruption, a real bonus for busy commercial and industrial operations. The smart modular design delivers a crack free finish for the lifetime of your Dunewall.

Wallmark is committed to solving your challenging acoustic boundary solutions with a complete Dunewall design service, delivering you a set of detailed drawings tailored to your project to define the layout for correct installation and engineering sign off if required. Work with the team at Wallmark for factory direct personalised service and great advice. Call 1300 925 562 to find out more.


  • Cost Effective Alternative To Block & Tilt Wall Systems
  • Pre-Engineered To 12m
  • Fast, Boltless Install
  • Excellent Sound Reduction
  • Craneless Panel Installation
  • Looks The Same From Both Sides

Real Noise Reduction

Shield your property from noisy neighbour, busy roadways and commercial noise or limit your own noise exposure for operational efficiency with the ultimate composite sound deadening acoustic panels by Wallmark - NATA tested and certified to AS 1191-2002.

Wall and Post Cross Sections

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Talk to us about our easy fit Climbing Deterrent Spikes or custom Razor Wire Holder.

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About Evostyle

Expanding the unique design of our Evowall range creates some modern boundary walls away from the traditional flat finish. Build long lasting styles with confidence using our corrosion resistant, cyclone rated, extruded aluminium posts.


  • Unique Architectural Advantage
  • Strong, Lightweight Alloy Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant Posts up to 4.2m high


A bold style making features out of wall panels. Further the statement of this style by changing the colours of the individual sections to create modern class.


Forcefully block sound with this double panel system by achieving up to a 39 Decibel reduction or even greater with the use of internal absorptive insulation.


Achieve that traditional acoustic fencing look with a cleaner gap free finish. Walls don’t have to be flat today with our unique post system.


A gentle ripple through the wall gives some colour variety through reflected lighting. The posts appear widely spaced, creating a lower height perception.


Wall Builder

Case Studies

Bunbury Power Station

5.4m high Dunewall Acoustic Barrier reduces noise levels by 28dB for Industrial Power Generator
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Hanson Concrete

Wallmark designs and constructs a stylish artistic solution for 6.5m high acoustic barrier
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St Clair

3.6m high privacy barrier adds style to a landmark housing development
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Temporary Barrier

Temporary barrier for construction site limits dust, noise and distraction
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Hopetoun Rail Siding

9m High double panel acoustic barrier exceeds noise reduction expectations
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