Burc College

Evowall Acoustic Privacy wall exceeds legislation for childcare boundary


Burc College is a bustling, value driven school in Adelaide - a place where parents send their children for the very best of education. Right next door to an industrial complex something was needed to block the noise and create a tangible point of separation. It couldn’t just be a wall either - it had to be exciting and fit in with rest of the beautiful architecture for the newly completed campus buildings.


An architect introduced them to Evowall. Within their budget the team created a stunning work of art, not only blocking the sound but creating an uplifting environment which appeals not only to children but to the most discerning adults. Congratulations Burc College - you scored full marks on this one!

Key Advantages

  • Unique expressed panel joins allow random panel sizing - Endless design options to match your building.
  • 115 m of wall (mostly 2.4 m high) install with 2 guys and no heavy machinery in only 4 days.
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