Substations / Generators / HVAC Sound Barrier Walls

Our HVAC sound barriers can be used to control industrial, HVAC, transportation noise and other operating noises produced by substations, large-scale generators and air handling equipment such as chillers, industrial fans, compressors etc.

Our pre-engineered sound barrier walls are specially designed and constructed to block unwanted noise pollution and Wallmark has proven expertise to provide cost-effective, practical and durable sound barrier solutions.

Each panel is lightweight, are easy to replace if needed, and have a low mobilization cost. Our professional team also can work with multiple departments in your organization to ensure all aspects of aesthetics/practical design are covered and can offer CAD drawings to submit to regulatory bodies on request.

Each noise barrier system is equipped with a NATA approved acoustic report, providing a rating of RW28. Our team shall also comply with your safety requirements, including site specific environmental management systems and WHS.

For more information or advice on your upcoming project, contact our expert team.