Protect against noisy neighbours these holidays with DIY fencing

If you want to make the most of relaxing at home for the Christmas holiday season, it pays to consider how you’re going to protect your premises from unwelcome noise pollution. While it’s important to love thy neighbour, it’s also wise to ensure your residence isn’t rattled by the rowdiness next door. To do so, it’s worth looking into the many benefits of noise-reduction fencing. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn how to safeguard your residential sanctuary against the unwanted noise of neighbours who just won’t keep it down.

So, what are boundary walls?

Within the interior of your home, walls are put in place for reasons related to privacy, practicality and peace. External partitions, also known as boundary walls, can also be installed for similar reasons.

Basically, a boundary wall is a term used to describe a dividing fence. In suburban Australia, boundary walls are often mounted, you guessed it, on the boundary of your property. Often, these types of panels are put in place for the purpose of obtaining more privacy, but they can deliver so much more. How so? Well, if you choose options that have been made from acoustically-engineered materials, boundary walls can also help you achieve greater peace and quiet.

What are the benefits of acoustic boundary walls?

Opting for acoustic modular designs for boundary walls and feature fencing delivers multiple benefits, particularly during the silly season. This is because acoustic panels can protect your property from unwanted noise pollution, including the echoes of melodic jingle bells that may travel across the fence from your neighbour’s lounge. But the perks of acoustic boundary walls don’t end there. You can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residence, DIY-style, with contemporary fencing panels that can be very easily painted, allowing you to tailor your boundary to suit your taste and to complement your home’s pre-existing exterior design.

Can I use boundary walls to fence off my pool area?

Depending on where you live, and how you position the panel, a boundary wall can double as both a landscape feature and the boundary of your pool, just so long as the structure meets council regulations. Many Australians now opt for boundary pool fencing as opposed to traditional pre-galvanised steel and aluminium post designs, as contemporary modular panels offer both acoustic qualities and aesthetic appeal. The perfect option if you’re looking to contain pool party noise during the silly season, in style.

Consider installing acoustic boundary fencing

Think noise-reduction fencing is reserved for large-scale applications? Think again. Acoustic fencing and noise reduction walls may sound like complex commercial solutions, but panel fencing options such as these can be tailored to suit small scale DIY designs. In fact, these cost-effective fencing solutions can be easily installed to manage and minimise unwanted noise within your residential environment.

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