Enhance Your Backyard Privacy in Style with Fence Panels

If you are a home owner, the words “backyard privacy” would be high up on your list of things to do.

There’s nothing worse than stepping out into your backyard to kick the football with your children, go for a swim in the pool or simply to relax in the sun with a cuppa tea in hand and worrying about the neighbourhood watching your every move.

Luckily, there are 4 top ideas on how to cost effectively enhance your backyard privacy – all in style.

1. Noise Barriers

If privacy is an issue for you, no doubt noise control comes under the same umbrella. There are simple, cost effective solutions to ensure that no noise comes in, or no noise goes out. For those evening outdoor entertainers, this would be the ultimate solution. On the other hand, these innovative products keep out unwanted noise from the other side of the fence to ensure ultimate privacy.

2. Fence panel extensions

If you already have a fence you don’t want to part ways with, or perhaps you’re renting your living space, there are fast, easy to install fence extension kits that could be the key to your solution. These handy products are designed to provide privacy to an existing fence, while being extremely cost effective. Best of all, these kits are highly DIY friendly and would make a great weekend project for any handy man.

3. Landscaping

Even more cost effective comes the art of landscaping, specifically with all things green. Not only providing life to your backyard, trees, hedges and bushes will serve the purpose of creating a living barrier between you and your neighbours. A great alternative that is highly cost effective, however does not come with the added benefit of noise control. You could also get creative and use trees and hedges as a feature on your fence panels.

4. Feature walls

If there is a certain area that is giving you grief in your backyard and you cant seem to justify buying an entire new fence for the one problem area, feature walls are the solution for you. While providing a beautiful canvas for all our your creative juices to run wild, these handy solutions also block out unwanted neighourhood attention, and if done correctly, have the potential to partly block out noise. Attach water features, lights or brick rendering to create an oasis wonderland at your very own back step, and you guessed it; feature walls don’t have an unjustifiable price tag attached.

If you use these simple ideas, you will find yourself well on your way to enhancing your backyard privacy at a cost effective level. Remember, a fence is only what you make it, you’ll have a ball designing, building and finally, soaking up all the benefits attached with these 4 simple ideas.

For more information on the latest and greatest, cost effective privacy options, get in contact with Wallmark today.

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