How You Can Create The Perfect Pool Feature Wall

Summer is here, and what better way to welcome it than by giving your pool area a fabulous makeover? In this article, we’ll share an inspiring story of a family who did just that, creating a stunning pool feature wall that not only enhanced the beauty of their outdoor space but was also a cost-effective and easy DIY project.

Hiding the unsightly, enhancing the beautiful

This family faced a common backyard dilemma, an unattractive water tank that marred the view of their new pool. They dreamed of an outdoor oasis, a place where aesthetics and function blend seamlessly. The goal was clear – to create a pool feature wall that would screen off the water tank and elevate their pool’s look.

A DIY pool feature wall

Determined to find a solution that was both affordable and easy to implement, the family embarked on a DIY journey. The criteria were straightforward, the pool feature wall needed to be cost-effective, quick to install and, of course, visually appealing.

Creativity meets practicality

The family’s journey in creating their pool feature wall is a testament to how creativity can transform a space. They explored various materials and designs, ultimately selecting one that complimented their pool and outdoor decor. The project was a hands-on experience, making the end result even more rewarding.


A stunning Summer centrepiece

After the DIY installation, the family was left with more than just a feature wall, they created a summer-inspired masterpiece. The new pool feature wall not only concealed the unsightly water tank but also added a touch of elegance to their outdoor space. The family’s pool area was now a perfect blend of functionality and style, all achieved without breaking the bank.

Your turn to create an outdoor gem

Inspired by this family’s story? It’s your turn to transform your pool area. Whether it’s a feature wall, a garden revamp or adding some creative landscaping around your pool, the possibilities are endless. Remember, a little creativity and DIY can go a long way in creating your outdoor paradise.

Creating a pool feature wall might just be the project you need to make your pool the highlight of your summer. It’s about blending aesthetics with practicality, and as this family has shown, it’s entirely possible to do it yourself.

So, grab your tools, get creative, and start building your pool feature wall. Your summer oasis awaits!


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