McDonalds - Bendigo

McDonalds wins approval with drive-thru acoustic noise reflecting barrier


We were approached for a noise tunnel that would assist in noise attenuation in the drive thru environment of the McDonalds store. McDonalds were faced with public rejection to building this store due to noise impacts along with other reasons.


Wallmark custom designed a cranked post type system to facilitate with noise reflection, this design facilitated McDonalds getting this project to happen. With a suitable answer the project went ahead and the neighbors can still exist in peace and quiet. It’s a winner for both. This wall was 2400mm high plus the 600mm crank. 30 meters long and made with the 162 EVOWALL systems.

Key Advantages

  • Certified Sound Rating
  • Adaptable design allows for even better functionality
  • Looks great on both sides.
  • Accepts a wide range of coatings - ensuring you match requirements
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