McLaren Vale

Acoustic barrier reduces noise levels by 39dB in a stylish boundary for shopping centre


As part of a shopping centre upgrade in Mc Laren Vale SA the council required an acoustic wall with a DB rating of 39 was installed along a boundary with some residential properties. Due to changes in heights the wall needed to hold back some soil. Access was a challenge as the wall in some sections was only 2-3 meters from a high retaining wall.


Evostyle ‘GALE’ provided the ideal solution. With a DB rating of 39 and the ability to hold soil back in many situations it was ideal and very cost effective when compared to any other solution available. Clean modern styling enhances the overall project and will look great once it is coated.

Key Advantages

  • No expensive foundations (also allowed installation close to environmentally sensitive trees)
  • High acoustic rating (39DB)
  • Looks great from both sides
  • Econonomical
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