Holt Lane Subdivision Stage 1

Holt Lane Subdivision Stage 1

Case Study: Holt Lane Subdivision Stage 1

Client: Holt Lane Subdivision

Location: Darley, Victoria

Wall Type: Steel Noise Wall

Problem: Holt Lane Subdivision faced the challenge of excessive freeway noise echoing through the new residential development, impacting the tranquility and quality of life for residents.

Solution: Recognising the importance of creating a peaceful living environment, Wallmark proposed the installation of our robust Steel Noise Wall. Engineered to effectively block and absorb freeway noise, our solution provided a durable barrier that minimised sound transmission into the residential area. With our expertise in noise mitigation and construction, we ensured that the noise wall seamlessly integrated into the subdivision’s landscape, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Wall Length: 514 meters

Wall Height: 6.5 meters

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