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Family achieves privacy and noise reduction for their heritage home


Richard and his family renovated a lovely Tudor home in one of Adelaide’s leafy inner suburbs. One neighbour was a public tennis court which could be used until 9:00PM. With a beautiful house and outdoor entertaining area it just needed some way to make sure it wasn’t ever intruded on. It would require a substantial length and height to achieve this. On top of this they didn’t want to compromise the solid feel of the house - or go way over their budget.


Urbanwall was able to offer a cost effective solution which blocked the sound effectively. Even with heights of up to 2400mm this was achieved within budget. With Adelaide’s notoriously reactive clay soils, having a system not affected by ground movement will be a big pay off in years to come.

Key Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Effective Sound Barrier
  • Fast install from one side only
  • Prestige look
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