300m Wall Supplied, Installed & Painted within 30 days of Order

This four metre high noise barrier is being used to block out unwanted noise from a local truck driving school for nearby residents of the Gardens Residential Estate, Shepparton VIC.

Places Victoria were faced with the unfortunate situation where a noise barrier was installed and then condemned due to major structural issues and design faults, resulting in a serious safety and environmental breach, timing blow out and money loss.

Key Advantages

› Site specific engineering
› Ability to meet strict Government and Local Council regulations
› Full supply, install and paint within 30 days of order confirmation
› Aesthetically appealing noise wall within budget and structually sound
› Complete solution within the required scope, timeframe and budget

Smart Wall Solutions for Commercial and Civil projects

Wallmark is at the forefront of providing elegant and cost-effective acoustic solutions for commercial, civil, and industrial settings. Tailored for professionals like architects, builders, developers, and business owners, Wallmark’s innovative SMART soundproof fencing and walls blend functionality with finesse. This system not only promises significant noise reduction, cost savings, and time efficiency but does so with an eye for contemporary design.

With a track record of quality installations, Wallmark’s solutions are designed to meet the dual demands of aesthetics and performance, ensuring your project stands out for all the right reasons.

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