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Educational facilities

The benefits of working with Wallmark on educational facilities

Minimise your noise pollution footprint

Good schools make communities stronger, but noisy school yards can cause community disruption. Our modular wall and fencing solutions come with a NATA approved acoustic report boasting a rating of RW28. So you can minimise the noise pollution emitted from within and surrounding your educational premises.

Install new walls within one week

We understand that any structural updates made to educational facilities and their surrounding environments must be done as quickly as possible, often during school holidays. Thanks to their modular design, our wall and fencing solutions can be installed within tight timeframes, and with minimal site disruptions.

Choose walls built to align with standards

We understand the importance of complying with work health and safety acts. That’s why we’re willing to work flexible hours to comply with your site’s requirements. Whether you need to respect environmental management systems or adhere to certain government standards, we’re on board to align with your requirements.

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Commercial Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in providing cost-effective acoustic panels and noise walls designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are ideally suited for large-scale projects and comply with all industry standards. They are versatile and find application in various sectors, including government initiatives, private ventures, and projects by organisations like Vic Roads. At Wallmark, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and specifications, collaborating seamlessly with other trades as required to ensure successful project outcomes.

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