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Urban fringe interfaces

Why work with Wallmark to build urban fringe interfaces?

Minimise noise pollution to comply with legal obligations

Our lightweight, modular systems are made from acoustically rated, reinforced panels that can be custom designed and tailored to your specific sound retention, or reflection, needs. As such, our walls offer exceptional, NATA approved noise control properties that help to protect communities from the impacts of noise pollution.

Create a custom barrier system that covers all bases

Pre-engineered to up to 12m, and resistant to cyclonic winds up to region C, our modular systems can be custom-designed to meet the greater heights that urban fringe interfaces require, and pre-tailored to adhere to your region’s wind ratings. This design ingenuity allows you to install your solution with greater speed and ease.

Stay compliant with work health and safety acts

At Wallmark, we’re happy to work flexible hours to comply with your housing development’s safety requirements. Whether you need to respect environmental management systems or adhere to work health and safety standards, we’re on board to align with your ways of working.

Customise your design to suit your aesthetic

Thanks to their smooth exterior, all Wallmark panels can be sprayed and painted with rollers and brushes, allowing you to tailor your walls and fencing to suit the overall design of your project. You’ll be hard pressed to find alternate wall and fencing options that are as multi-functional, fit-for-purpose and pleasing to the eye.

Need a wall or fencing solution that suits a particular soil type, or a particular wind region? We’ve got you covered.

Certified for use with all soil types

If you’re planning to launch a housing development project, it’s essential that you complete a soil assessment to confirm the foundational integrity of your site. As per Australian law, soil testing is now mandated to ensure you’re working with the right foundation type for your housing project.

Not all soil types are suitable for housing developments, and not all modular walling solutions are suitable for all soil types—unless you’re working with Wallmark. To ensure our solutions are fit-for-purpose Australia wide, all our products are designed, engineered and certified for use with all soil types, as confirmed by geotechnical assessments and corresponding reports.

Engineered to withstand cyclonic winds up to region C

Our pre-engineered modular systems can be custom designed to meet the heights your site requires, and pre-tailored to adhere to your wind rating requirements, allowing you to install your noise management solutions with speed and ease.

Explore our other applications

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Commercial Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in providing cost-effective acoustic panels and noise walls designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are ideally suited for large-scale projects and comply with all industry standards. They are versatile and find application in various sectors, including government initiatives, private ventures, and projects by organisations like Vic Roads. At Wallmark, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and specifications, collaborating seamlessly with other trades as required to ensure successful project outcomes.

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