Steel Noise Walls

For commercial and civil wall projects

Customise your noise barriers with perspex

Our customisable Perspex inserts are ideal for projects where overshadowing is an issue. While increasing the aesthetic appeal of your noise wall, these opaque inserts allow you to increase the amount of natural sunlight in the surrounding areas. 

Perspex inserts are available in a diverse colour palette and can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing wall design. Using Perspex in the design of your noise barrier project marries effective sound reduction with the visual appeal of light-filled environments, offering a perfect solution for community-centric projects.


Benefits of steel commercial noise walls

  • Vandal resistant – Our Corten steel wall option is known for its unique rust finish and vandalisation-proof surface, ensuring paint washes off. Our Galvanised steel is ideal as it is fully paintable, allowing graffiti to be easily concealed while complementing any project theme or landscape design with a range of attractive colours. 
  • Non-combustible durability – Built from fully non-combustible materials, our steel noise walls offer the next level of safety and longevity, making them the ideal solution for freeways and other civil projects. 
  • Natural light accessibility – Customisable Perspex inserts are designed to allow natural light to filter through, brightening nearby residential spaces without compromising on noise reduction capabilities. 
  • Tailored design and flexibility – Our steel noise walls are designed to be fully customisable to meet the unique needs of each project. With a large selection of material finishes and Perspex colours to choose from, our steel walls are designed to meet every client specification, while ensuring both functionality and visual appeal are maximised. 

Applications of steel noise walls

  • Urban environments – Ideal for reducing noise in densely populated areas, and enhancing the quality of life within the urban spaces adjacent to highways, railways, and industrial sites.
  • Commercial ventures – The perfect option for commercial properties looking to merge aesthetics with noise mitigation, including service stations and fast-food outlets located next to highways or railways.
  • Land developments – Ideal for homes near busy thoroughfares, commercial zones, or developments, offering privacy, noise mitigation, and a safer, non-combustible barrier. 
  • Public and recreational spaces – The most effective option for parks, schools, and recreational areas that require significant mitigation of traffic noise, ensuring peace and quiet in neighbourhoods near freeways or developments.  


Our Steel Noise Walls are fully compliant with ISO certification and industry specifications, ensuring quality and adherence to the highest standards across Australia. ISO accreditation signifies our commitment to excellence in every detail, from design and installation to the quality of materials used. Opting for an ISO-certified provider like Wallmark guarantees that every project will be executed following globally recognised practices for quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Frequently asked questions

Steel noise walls are highly effective at reducing traffic noise. Their design and materials are specifically designed for sound-dampening properties, resulting in substantial reductions in noise pollution emanating from noise sources, including highways, railways, and urban traffic.

We offer steel noise wall designs that can be fully tailored to suit any project’s unique preferences and requirements. Our range includes Corten steel, with its distinctive rust finish, and Galvanised steel for a sleek, metallic look, and customisable painted finishes.

Yes, our steel noise walls are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and strong winds. The materials we use are chosen for their durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring the noise barrier’s longevity, stability and effectiveness over time.

Installation time for steel noise walls varies depending on the project’s scale and complexity. We minimise the amount of installation time by completing a large portion of the construction off-site at our factory. However, our team is experienced in fast and efficient installation processes. We work closely with our clients to ensure the installation is completed within the agreed timeframe, with as little impact on the surrounding area as possible.


Why Wallmark modular walls?

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Commercial Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in providing cost-effective acoustic panels and noise walls designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are ideally suited for large-scale projects and comply with all industry standards. They are versatile and find application in various sectors, including government initiatives, private ventures, and projects by organisations like Vic Roads. At Wallmark, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and specifications, collaborating seamlessly with other trades as required to ensure successful project outcomes.

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