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Minimise noise pollution to maximise peace

Wallmark products offer exceptional, NATA approved acoustic properties that help to reduce the impact of noise emissions created by both low and high levels of traffic, day and night.

Save time with ready-made modular solutions

Pre-engineered to up to 12m high, our modular systems can be custom-designed to meet your site’s required heights, and pre-tailored to adhere to your region’s wind ratings. This design ingenuity allows you to integrate solutions with greater speed and ease.

Reduce costs without having to compromise on quality

Like most urban design elements, noise barriers must suit the design treatments and finishes of other structures that feature in your landscape. That’s why we offer cost effective alternatives to expensive, outdated wall systems without compromising on aesthetics.

Get maximal noise reduction with a minimal land footprint

Custom-designed and built to last, our lightweight, modular designs allow you to minimise your wall and fencing footprint while maximising your noise reduction, so that you don’t have to sacrifice precious land space in the implementation of your sound proofing solution.
What you get when you install one of our solutions

Long-lasting 50-year design life

Our modular wall and fencing solutions have been fully verified by structural engineers to ensure they meet design compliance standards, meaning you can rest assured knowing that your solution has been safely built to last.

NATA approved acoustics

Our modular wall and fencing solutions come with a NATA approved acoustic report boasting a rating of RW28. So whether you need to manage or minimise noise pollution, our modular solutions will deliver the protection your site needs.

Compliant with work health and safety acts

We’re open to working flexible hours to comply with your site’s safety policy and its requirements. Whether you need to respect environmental management systems or adhere to work health and safety standards, we’re on board to align with your ways of working.

Hassle free installment

When working on a housing development— often one block of land at a time—it’s important to carry out work with minimal site disruption. Our wall and fencing solutions can be installed with greater ease than older, traditional solutions thanks to their smart modular design.
Wallmark modular wall systems

Smart Wall Solutions for Residential and Commercial

Wallmark specialises in cost effective acoustic panelling and feature walls for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are a DIY home owner, an architect, builder, developer or business owner, Wallmark has a series of SMART sound proof fencing and walls to ensure you reduce noise, save money and save time without compromising on style.

The Wallmark system is well and truly proven with quality installations.

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