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25dB Noise Reduction – Thats More Than a 75% Noise Reduction!

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300m Wall Supplied, Installed & Painted within 30 days of Order

This four metre high noise barrier is being used to block out unwanted noise from a local truck driving school for nearby residents of...

4 Reasons Why Sound proof Insulation is the Answer

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4 Suprising Facts About Noise Pollution

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Wallmark modular wall systems

Smart Wall Solutions for Residential and Commercial

Wallmark specialises in cost effective acoustic panelling and feature walls for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are a DIY home owner, an architect, builder, developer or business owner, Wallmark has a series of SMART sound proof fencing and walls to ensure you reduce noise, save money and save time without compromising on style.

The Wallmark system is well and truly proven with quality installations.

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