Recycled Noise Walls

For commercial and civil wall projects

Customise your noise barriers with Solar lighting

The innovation of recycled noise walls extends beyond sound reduction, with the integration of solar panels into their design, transforming them into dynamic sources of renewable energy able to power external lighting. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, these walls showcase how green technology can effectively improve both public and private spaces. Opting for recycled noise walls shows a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint through your choice of noise wall solutions. 


Benefits of recycled civil noise walls

  • Environmental sustainability – Made from recycled materials, these walls support eco-friendly initiatives by minimising waste and reducing the carbon footprint associated with new construction materials.
  • Effective noise reduction – Designed to absorb and reflect sound, these walls significantly reduce noise pollution from busy roads, industrial areas, and urban centres, enhancing the quality of life for nearby residents and workers.

Applications of recycled noise walls

  • Urban development – Ideal for cities looking to mitigate noise while promoting green initiatives, these walls can be used in residential areas, schools, hospitals, and parks to create quieter, more pleasant environments.
  • Highway and transportation infrastructure – Perfect for reducing traffic noise along highways, railways, and tram routes, improving the living conditions for communities living nearby. 
  • Industrial noise control – Offering an effective barrier against noise from manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other industrial operations, these walls assist in maintaining healthier workplaces and minimising community disturbances.
  • Commercial properties – Businesses such as office complexes and retail centres, can benefit from these walls, by reducing external noise, and enhancing the customer and employee experience.
  • Sustainable construction projects – For projects aiming to achieve green certifications or prioritise environmental responsibility, recycled noise walls are an efficient and visually appealing solution.


Our recycled noise walls are designed to comply with every local and national standard, including all relevant ISO standards, AS 5100:2017, The Department of Transport and Planning Standard Specifications and Bridge Technical Note BTN 007 wherever applicable. This commitment to compliance guarantees the effectiveness of sound mitigation and renewable energy generation and reassures stakeholders of the wall’s role in contributing positively to local urban development. 

Frequently asked questions

Recycled noise walls are highly effective at reducing noise pollution levels. Their design and materials are specifically chosen for their superior sound absorption and reflection properties, providing a peaceful environment in areas affected by traffic noise.

Recycled noise walls are made from high-quality recycled materials, minimising the use of new resources and reducing waste. 

Yes, recycled noise walls are designed to endure harsh weather conditions including high winds. Their durable, sustainable composition ensures durability and resistance to most environmental factors.

Recycled noise walls offer several customisable options, including decorative turf and added logos. Customisation allows these noise walls to complement their surrounding landscapes, stand out or match specific project themes, making them versatile for various applications.


The solar panels integrated into recycled noise walls harness sunlight to generate renewable energy. This energy can be used to power external lighting or contribute to the energy needs of nearby structures, offering a dual function of noise reduction and sustainable energy production.

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