Dunewall Noise Barriers – The Best Noise Barrier Money Can Buy

When you want to keep the sound at bay, you need noise barriers that are completely customisable, easy to install and that looks great from both sides.

Whether the noise barrier is being used for a roadway, a construction or mining operation or any place else where noise can be a problem to others, Dunewall noise barrier is the smartest choice.

Most other noise barriers are difficult to install and look presentable only from one side. With Dunewall acoustic walls, you get the best of both worlds. Dunewall noise barriers are designed for commercial projects and represents maximum privacy while providing a clean, aesthetic finish from every angle. The composite panels are incredibly lightweight and you only require a few holes in order to stand the galvanised steel posts firm and keep the noise out.

Still not convinced? Here are several more great reasons to choose Dunewall sound reduction walls for your next building project.

Why Choose Dunewall noise barriers?

There is a reason many Australian builders are waking up to the wonder that is Dunewall sound barriers. These reasons include:

  • Reliability: Dunewall acoustic barriers have been NATA tested with a rating of Rw 28! This means you can always count on Dunewall noise barriers to provide maximum privacy and minimal noise pollution.
  • Fast Installation: With the Dunewall system comes the added benefit of fast and hassle free installation. It is only a matter of pouring the footings one day and the installation of the posts and panels the next. The beauty of this is having an empty site at the start of the day, and a fully constructed wall by the end.
  • Privacy: Dunewall noise barriers not only keeps the sound in, but it will keep others out. You can have your sound barrier set to any height and you can even have your acoustic wall assembled with climbing deterrent spikes or razor wire.
  • Dust Control: For construction sites and mining operations, Dunewall noise barriers can be tailored to any height. This not only keeps sound at bay but it also assists in the minimisation of dust output, keeping the area safer and offering less distraction for pedestrians.
  • No Need to Dig A Trench: When we say easy to install, we mean it. With Dunewall noise barriers, you no longer need to dig a deep trench before assembling your acoustic wall. These walls are truly designed to go up quickly and easily and Dunewall means it.
  • Looks Great From Every Angle: Dunewall noise walls are designed to look aesthetically pleasing from both sides. Dunewall offers a variety of finishes that are sure to please. The finishes are either sprayed, rendered or rolled on and can then be coated with a final coat of anti-graffiti solution. Your sound barrier will maintain its attractive appearance even after heavy use.

These are just a few great reasons to use Dunewall noise walls for your next commercial or industrial project.

You can get your custom Dunewall noise barrier at Wallmark, which also offers Urbanwall and aluminium Evowall product ranges. When you want privacy and a sound barrier that also keeps the dust out, the Dunewall noise wall is the smart builder’s choice.

Smart Wall Solutions for Commercial and Civil projects

Wallmark is at the forefront of providing elegant and cost-effective acoustic solutions for commercial, civil, and industrial settings. Tailored for professionals like architects, builders, developers, and business owners, Wallmark’s innovative SMART soundproof fencing and walls blend functionality with finesse. This system not only promises significant noise reduction, cost savings, and time efficiency but does so with an eye for contemporary design.

With a track record of quality installations, Wallmark’s solutions are designed to meet the dual demands of aesthetics and performance, ensuring your project stands out for all the right reasons.

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