Learn the difference between absorptive and reflective acoustic walls

Not all boundary noise walls are created equal, so it’s important to make the right choice when you tackle the task of DIY fencing. Simply put, there are two main types of sound walls: absorptive and reflective.


What are absorptive sound walls?

In a nutshell, absorptive sound walls take in sound energy, essentially diffusing sound inside their panels so that little to no noise is reflected off the barrier itself. Much like a sponge absorbs water, an absorptive sound wall absorbs, you guessed it— sound.


What are reflective sound walls?

Reflective sound walls push sound energy back across the source (away from the receiver) and into the atmosphere. The sound is thus to the reflective wall what the body is to a trampoline, an entity that is ricocheted away, in this instance from the noise-reduction fencing.

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