Noise barriers for Battery Energy Storage Systems

As the business sector progresses, the need to power businesses in more sustainable and effective ways has become apparent. One of the most popular, and current solutions are Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). These systems are being used more and more as grid support, at solar and wind energy farms, construction sites and on mines, optimising energy usage and ensuring a consistent supply of energy to the business and its functions. In this article, we’ll explore what these systems do, how they work and which noise barriers most effectively mitigate the noise they make – allowing a workforce to focus on their daily tasks without the cons of noise pollution affecting their performance. 

What is a BESS?

BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems. A BESS is a type of energy storage system that uses batteries to store and distribute energy in the form of electricity. BESSs are most commonly used in electricity grids, as well as being used to power things like smart homes and electric vehicles.

BESS’ store electrical energy for use at a later time. For instance, if an electrical grid went down, the BESS would kick in and keep the output of electricity consistent. These systems are very popular because they are more effective than other energy storage systems, in that they’re more efficient and offer faster response times. 

The batteries in a BESS system are designed to charge using excess electricity generated by wind or solar farms, or when a grid experiences low demand. Once the batteries are fully charged, they store the electricity until it is needed.

What makes the noise? 

If there is a negative aspect about BESS’, it’s that they do produce a notable amount of noise. Many people report a loud, consistent humming sound emanating from within the BESS modules. The sound is created from a combination of the cooling system, the system’s inverters, its transformers and through the conversion of the electricity the system receives (DC) into the electricity that we are able to use in our homes (AC). Although the sound is not extremely loud, it is ever present and may disturb people who live or work in close proximity to a BESS. This is why a noise barrier is essential for every BESS. 

The increasing need for noise mitigation 

Today, BESS are being relied upon more and more in both the residential and professional sectors. The systems were previously installed outside of cities. The demand for these systems has resulted in a significant increase in the number of BESS installations into spaces including solar and wind energy farms, construction sites and mines. Because of the noise factor, soundproofing experts are being brought on to ensure that the noise of a newly-installed BESS can be managed. 

Soundproofing Battery Energy Storage Systems

While some of the BESS units feature noise-reducing kits, these kits haven’t been found to make any significant difference to the noise emitted from a BESS. A professional noise barrier is key here. 

Many BESS manufacturers recommend installing the unit as far away from your work force as possible, so that they aren’t disturbed by the noise. While this makes some difference on a small scale, a large number of BESS units together will still pose a significant noise issue.  

The most effective solution to reducing the overall noise levels of Battery Energy Storage Systems is by engaging an expert noise barrier specialist. They’ll be able to install an acoustic system with professional-level sound reduction properties, mitigating any noise issues outright. Because this is a fairly recent issue, it’s important that you find a sound proofing specialist with experience in sound proofing Battery Energy Storage Systems.  

Finding the right solution 

As the need for more Battery Energy Storage Systems increases on sites and other places of business, managing the noise they emit will mean that businesses can enjoy a consistent supply of energy, while their work forces will be able to work without any noise frustrations. 

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