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Whether you want to enhance the value of your home or to protect your business, the Techniko Wall modular fencing system brings style and sophistication to your property at a fraction of the cost of traditional block walls.

Best of all, the pre-finished modular assembly ensures hassle-free installation with minimal site disruption and the smart design delivers a crack free finish for the lifetime of the wall.

Pre-engineered up to 3m, the TechnikoWall modular fencing system is built from quality Australian products to handle Australia’s harshest conditions. You can add value, privacy and peace and quiet to your home or business with Techniko prestige masonry style feature fences.

Whether you install DIY or with your preferred local contractor, work with the team at Techniko for factory direct personalised service and great advice. Call 1300 925 562 to find out more.

Capping Styles

Flush Wall Capping
Tableland Post Cap
Flush Wall Capping
Plateau Post Cap
Flush Wall Capping
Horizon Post Cap
Box Wall Capping
Horizon Post Cap

Technical Information

Available panel options

Smart Wall Solutions for Commercial and Civil projects

Wallmark is at the forefront of providing elegant and cost-effective acoustic solutions for commercial, civil, and industrial settings. Tailored for professionals like architects, builders, developers, and business owners, Wallmark’s innovative SMART soundproof fencing and walls blend functionality with finesse. This system not only promises significant noise reduction, cost savings, and time efficiency but does so with an eye for contemporary design.

With a track record of quality installations, Wallmark’s solutions are designed to meet the dual demands of aesthetics and performance, ensuring your project stands out for all the right reasons.

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