Residential Feature wall

Stylish solid wall delivers unsurpassed privacy and noise reduction in tight knit residential community


Adrian has a lively family who like playing ball games and entertaining in the evenings. Behind them lived a hard working couple who liked to go to bed early. Balls knocking against the Colourbond Fence and the talking and music was starting to cause a bit of friction.


Adrian found out about Wallmark and put a 2.4m acoustic wall along the back fence. To make it less imposing he ran slats along the top and included a feature panel with stack stone and lights in the centre. Not only did it keep the neighbors happy but it gave a real lift to their backyard. The wall is quite tough enough for ball games.

Key Advantages

  • Installs in front of other fences
  • All systems pre-engineered to at least 2.4m(most wind regions)
  • Able to be customized
  • Strong enough to glue stone or tiles
  • Easy to run electricity through for lighting