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Residential properties

The benefits of working with Wallmark for your home walls and fencing

Block noise out, or keep it in

Most homeowners want to block noise out, but some may also want to ensure that they can retain the noises they create within their own perimeter so as to not disturb their neighbours. Thankfully, our panels are acoustically rated, reinforced panels that can be custom made and tailored to your specific sound retention or reflection needs.

Easy installment, even with limited access

Many homeowners are challenged with limited access, but we have the skills to work with all kinds of household sites. By using peer footings and small machinery, we’re able to navigate blocks of all shapes and sizes, installing your acoustic solution with minimal hassle.

Customise your design to suit your space

Thanks to their smooth exterior, all Wallmark panels can be sprayed and painted upon with rollers and brushes, allowing you to tailor your walls and fencing to suit your taste. You’ll be hard pressed to find alternate wall and fencing options that are as multi-functional, fit-for-purpose and pleasing to the eye.

Explore our residential modular wall projects

Explore our residential & public spaces applications

Residential Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in affordable acoustic panelling and decorative feature walls for residential endeavours. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner, an architect, builder, developer, or business owner, Wallmark offers a range of SMART soundproof fencing and walls to help you mitigate noise, save both time and money, all while maintaining a high level of style.

The Wallmark system is thoroughly proven through quality installations.

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