Project Management

Wallmark supplies everything that your project requires from machinery and equipment to labour, traffic control, temporary fencing, concrete testing, safety officers and much more. Our team has the willingness to work flexible hours complying with your safety requirements, including all site specific WHS and environmental management systems.

The team works closely with structural and geotechnical engineers, superintendents, civil engineers, and many other trades to guarantee that your project complies with the necessary external and internal requirements.

Wallmark’s in-house project management team work closely with developers and consultants to comply with external bodies such as Main roads and City Councils to ensure timely approval, usually in a time frame as quick as 2 weeks!

Design & Construct

Wallmark offers a cost effective alternative to traditional block walls in a complete wall solution system with a slim and modern look. Designed for an easy DIY install and an acoustic rating all comprised in a modular system – Wallmark is the smart wall solution.

Our wall systems look the same on both sides, do not require strip footings and have multiple finishes (rendered, painted or attachments). The posts are fully aluminium accounting for no corrosion issues and each system allows for ground movement to prevent cracking.

Our design and construct custom walls are acoustically rated, structurally capable and are built to last a lifetime. Our team work around your specific and custom needs with our experience ranging from heavy infrastructure to smaller commercial solutions.

Wallmark’s experienced and professional team are capable of managing large multi-million-dollar projects including custom designs, full project management and quick time frames.

Over 30 years of engineering experience

Wallmark employ a highly professional and experienced team to make sure your project gets completed in the most efficient way possible. Using our in-house team will help you achieve your custom project. We take on a range of projects from small to extra-large.

With our custom design and construct solutions, we can cater to all of your project’s requirements.

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Smart Wall Solutions for Commercial and Civil projects

Wallmark is at the forefront of providing elegant and cost-effective acoustic solutions for commercial, civil, and industrial settings. Tailored for professionals like architects, builders, developers, and business owners, Wallmark’s innovative SMART soundproof fencing and walls blend functionality with finesse. This system not only promises significant noise reduction, cost savings, and time efficiency but does so with an eye for contemporary design.

With a track record of quality installations, Wallmark’s solutions are designed to meet the dual demands of aesthetics and performance, ensuring your project stands out for all the right reasons.

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