The Role of Impact-resistant Noise Walls on Freeways

As the amount of traffic on freeways increases, so too does the noise pollution that comes with it. Constant noise from passing vehicles along freeways is not just an annoyance, it can actually adversely affect the public’s health and well-being. To solve this issue, impact-resistant noise walls are installed along freeways, restoring peace and quiet to the areas surrounding them. Impact-resistant noise walls are an effective solution, reducing noise by up to 75%. This article explores the impact noise walls make and their role in the future of noise mitigation. 

What is an impact-resistant noise wall?

Impact-resistant noise walls are specialised barriers designed to mitigate the transmission of noise from highways or roadways and withstand impacts from vehicular collisions. Impact-resistant noise walls are most commonly constructed using durable materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, or composite substances. Unlike conventional noise barriers, which may sustain damage or fail upon impact, impact-resistant noise walls are specifically designed to remain intact and continue to function effectively, offering both noise reduction and safety benefits. 

The role of impact-resistant noise walls

Improving safety

In addition to mitigating noise pollution, impact-resistant noise walls play a significant role in enhancing freeway safety. By providing a physical barrier between traffic lanes and adjacent suburban areas, these barriers mitigate the risk of debris scattering and cars leaving the freeway in the event of a car accident. Because they keep vehicles on the road, they are responsible for reducing the incidence of accidents and injuries for motorists. 

Noise mitigation

For residents residing near freeways, impact-resistant noise walls offer significant noise reduction. By curbing the transmission of traffic noise, these barriers create quieter neighbourhoods, in some cases reducing highway noise by 75%. In addition, these noise walls physically shield residents from the sight of passing traffic, providing more privacy to nearby residential areas and potentially even increasing their value. 

Durability and resilience 

Impact-resistant noise walls are more durable and resilient than standard noise walls, allowing them to withstand several extreme factors, including:

Vehicle collisions

Because impact-resistant noise walls are constructed using sturdy materials, they can withstand the force of a collision without sustaining significant damage, by absorbing or deflecting the impact of vehicles that may collide with them. 

Harsh environmental factors

These robust walls are resistant to environmental factors, including corrosion, erosion, and degradation. Their durability extends to protection against harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. 

Wear and tear

Impact-resistant noise walls are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear from highways, including abrasion, impact from debris, and general wear caused by traffic vibrations. 

Legal guidelines 

There are various legal requirements regarding the installation of impact-resistant noise walls. VicRoads offers all relevant construction principles, location specifications, and construction directives you must adhere to when building an impact-resistant noise wall. It is always advisable to seek guidance from a noise mitigation professional, who can assess your unique needs and develop a customised solution tailored to your project requirements. 

The noise mitigation experts 

Impact-resistant noise walls are effective assets in mitigating freeway noise to the surrounding neighbourhoods, while keeping our roads safer by ensuring that no vehicles leave the freeway in the event of an accident. Impact-resistant noise walls are also built to be more durable, meaning that they are not only effective, but cost-effective as well, outlasting other noise wall designs.  

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