About Us

Wallmark specialises in cost-effective acoustic panelling and feature walls for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are a DIY homeowner, an architect, builder, developer or business owner, Wallmark has a series of SMART soundproof fencing and walls to ensure you reduce noise, save money and save time without compromising on style.

Who are Wallmark?

Wallmark is an integral part of Heuron Boundary Solutions, the leaders in innovative, modular wall and fence solutions in Australia. Partnered with Wallmark are Techniko, modular fence panel specialists, and Screenline, DIY screen solutions who have been adding character to Australian fencing for nearly 20 years. Combined, Heuron Boundary Solutions are the number 1 supplier of modular wall and fence solutions throughout Australia.

Strategically Positioned

Wallmark are strategically located in Albury NSW, which services Sydney, Melbourne and country Australia Equally.

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