Pallara Shopping Village QLD

Pallara Shopping Village QLD

Project Overview:

– Project Name: Pallara Shopping Village

– Location: Willawong, QLD

– Wall Type: Lightweight + Acrylic

– Problem: Constructing a shopping development adjacent to a residential area raised concerns about noise disturbance for nearby residents.

– Solution: Wallmark’s innovative approach effectively addressed the noise challenges while enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal.



Wallmark was approached to design and install a noise barrier solution for the Pallara Shopping Village project in Willawong, QLD. The primary concern was to mitigate noise pollution from the bustling shopping development, ensuring minimal disruption to the adjacent residential community.



– Design and Planning: Wallmark’s team collaborated closely with project stakeholders to develop a tailored solution that balanced acoustic performance with visual aesthetics.

– Material Selection: Utilising a lightweight construction with acrylic panels, Wallmark ensured optimal noise reduction without compromising on the structural integrity or aesthetic appeal of the barrier.

– Installation: The project involved erecting a noise barrier wall with a height of 4.3 meters and spanning a length of 166 meters. Wallmark’s efficient installation process minimised on-site disruption and adhered to project timelines.

– Community Engagement: Throughout the project, Wallmark maintained open communication with residents and stakeholders, addressing concerns and ensuring transparency regarding noise mitigation measures.



The completed noise barrier at Pallara Shopping Village successfully reduced noise levels from the commercial development, creating a quieter environment for nearby residents. Wallmark’s solution not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating our commitment to quality, innovation, and community satisfaction.

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