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What’s the difference between absorptive and reflective acoustic noise walls?

There are two types of sound walls: absorptive and reflective. Before you install your acoustic barrier solution, it’s important to understand the difference. Simply put, absorptive sound walls take in sound energy, while reflective sound walls push sound energy back across the source (away from the receiver) and into the atmosphere. 

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What do absorptive noise reduction noise walls do?

Absorptive acoustic barrier walling solutions help to reduce and manage noise emissions created by outdoor noise sources such as:

  • land development
  • commercial and residential building
  • civil construction
  • demolition
  • earthworks
  • maintenance, repair and renovation of existing structures
  • other commercial and residential construction trades.

Tested to meet Australian engineering standards, our modular barrier systems are designed to manage and absorb unwanted noise created by the above sources, and many more. 

What do reflective noise reduction noise walls do?

Reflective noise reduction walls are a great option for reducing and managing noise emissions created by vehicles and traffic in particular, but can also be used to reflect noise pollution created by the following sources: 

  • boisterous neighbours
  • populated parks and schools
  • trains travelling railway tracks 
  • local construction noise
  • rail and busway noise.

Tested to meet Australian engineering standards, our modular barrier systems are designed to manage and reflect unwanted noise created by the above sources, and many more.

DuneWall with AcoustX Panel with crank angle plexiglass by Wallmark Australia 3.5m high at Casula NSW

What to love about our world-class acoustical design

Proudly made in Australia, our cost-effective sound barrier solutions are custom designed to suit your specific needs. 

Not only have our products been approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), our reflective noise walls also boast an acoustic rating of RW28 and our absorptive walls an NRC rating of 0.95. These superior acoustic qualities make our solutions the go to choice for many who work in residential, commercial, and industrial industries. 

Safe, easy and quick to install, our modular wall and fencing solutions can also be implemented with minimal disruption. This is why our products are so popular with project managers and home renovators alike, who are looking to install an acoustic barrier solution with minimum interruption. 


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Wallmark Catalogue 2021

Wallmark Catalogue 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, that’s what we’re here for. With 30 years in the fencing industry and over 150 years of combined experience, we’ve been answering questions on all things fencing for decades, and are more than happy to offer guidance on your project. 

Wallmark acoustic fencing panels offer a long-lasting 50-year design life. This is because our modular wall and fencing solutions have been fully verified by structural engineers to ensure they meet design compliance standards. So you can rest assured knowing that your solution has been safely built to last.

Thanks to their smooth exterior, all Wallmark panels can be sprayed and painted upon with rollers and brushes, allowing you to tailor your walls and fencing to suit your taste. You’ll be hard pressed to find alternate wall and fencing options that are multi-functional, fit-for-purpose and pleasing to the eye.


Many of our clients are challenged with limited access, but we have the skills to work with all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial sites. By using peer footings and small machinery, we’re able to navigate blocks of all shapes and sizes, installing your acoustic solution with minimal hassle. 

Yes. Whether you’re working on an aged care, educational or early childhood facility, or renovating your own home, you need to be sure that your wall and fencing products provide the acoustic solution you’re looking for without risking occupant safety or compromising on your property’s design. 


This is why we offer modular wall and fencing solutions that are safe, stylish and fit-for-purpose, selected and installed with your personal requirements in mind. 

Why Wallmark modular walls?

Contemporary, customisable design

Cost-effective to suit your budget

Hassle free installation

Smart Wall Solutions for Commercial and Civil projects

Wallmark is at the forefront of providing elegant and cost-effective acoustic solutions for commercial, civil, and industrial settings. Tailored for professionals like architects, builders, developers, and business owners, Wallmark’s innovative SMART soundproof fencing and walls blend functionality with finesse. This system not only promises significant noise reduction, cost savings, and time efficiency but does so with an eye for contemporary design.

With a track record of quality installations, Wallmark’s solutions are designed to meet the dual demands of aesthetics and performance, ensuring your project stands out for all the right reasons.

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