Acoustic Noise Walls

For commercial and civil wall projects

What do absorptive noise reduction noise walls do?

In commercial outdoor environments, where productivity and tranquillity coexist, effective noise management is a fundamental consideration. We work closely with acoustic consultants and structural engineers to guarantee that our noise walls not only meet project regulations but are also certified for compliance.

Our absorptive acoustic walling solutions play a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of outdoor noise on your commercial property. These noise barriers are thoughtfully engineered to efficiently reflect or absorb and dampen noise waves, providing an effective countermeasure against external noise sources.

Absorptive Noise reduction noise wall

Key Applications:

Our noise walls are suitable but not limited to various environments, including:

  • Land Development
  • Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Demolition 
  • Earthworks
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Noise walls provide solutions to varying acoustic problems including:

  • Reducing noise generated from surrounding roads. 
  • When stipulated by the local council as part of a planning permit or other. 
  • When a commercial property is situated close to a residential area, there’s often a need to address acoustics and minimise noise intrusion into the residential zones. 
  • Noise containment during demolition minimises disturbance to neighbouring areas. 
  • Effectively dampen equipment noise, preserving the surroundings’ serenity in earthwork projects.

ZorbX is designed for absorbing outside noise. Tested to meet Australian engineering standards, our modular barrier systems are designed to manage and absorb unwanted noise created by the above sources, and many more.  

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What to love about our world-class Noise wall design

Proudly made in Australia, our cost-effective sound barrier solutions are custom designed to suit your specific project requirements. 

Not only have our products been approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), our reflective noise walls also boast an acoustic rating of RW28 and our absorptive walls an NRC rating of 0.95. These superior acoustic qualities make our noise walls the number one choice for the commercial industry. 

We make the whole process easy, from interpreting your project requirements to supplying the right product on time. This is why our products are so popular with project managers who are looking to install an acoustic barrier solution with minimum effort.

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The Wallmark product range

We offer four core products that meet the needs for a variety of commercial projects.

Frequently asked questions

Our noise reduction walls are proudly manufactured in Australia and are tailored to your exact requirements. We prioritise cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, offering sound barrier solutions that deliver exceptional performance. Wallmark noise walls are suitable for highly specified projects.

Absolutely. Our commitment to quality and excellence is demonstrated by the fact that our products are approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). We adhere to stringent testing standards to ensure that our noise reduction walls meet the highest industry benchmarks. A NATA endorsement is widely recognised in Australia and overseas as a symbol of competence and reliability.

Our noise reduction walls offer a unique blend of quality, customisation, and ease of installation. Proudly Australian owned and run, our solutions ensure top-tier performance and reliability. Whether you’re seeking to improve the living or working conditions in a residential, commercial or industrial space, our noise walls are the ideal choice.

For any further inquiries or to discuss your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team. We’re here to provide you with the best noise reduction solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our reflective noise walls are backed by an impressive acoustic rating of RW28 with the capability to go up to Rw36, while our absorptive walls boast an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.95. These exceptional acoustic qualities ensure effective noise reduction in various settings. More information supplied by VicRoads on the requirements for developers can be found online.


Why Wallmark modular walls?

Contemporary, customisable design

Cost-effective to suit your budget

Hassle free installation

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Commercial Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in providing cost-effective acoustic panels and noise walls designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are ideally suited for large-scale projects and comply with all industry standards. They are versatile and find application in various sectors, including government initiatives, private ventures, and projects by organisations like Vic Roads. At Wallmark, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and specifications, collaborating seamlessly with other trades as required to ensure successful project outcomes.

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