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Commercial Retaining Wall

Wallmark Panel Selection Guide

Noise Reduction
Weather Resistant
Pre-Painted Option
Fire Retardant
Panel Width (m)2.4 / 32.42.4 / 32.4 / 3
Panel Height (m)0.9 / 1.20.9 / 1.20.9 / 1.20.9 / 1.2
Panel Thickness (mm)50 / 757513075
Compatible with EvoWall-
Compatible with UrbanWall-
Compatible with Techniko--
Compatible with DuneWall

Commercial retaining walls to retain soil and meet acoustic requirements.

The versatility of commercial retaining walls extends far beyond their functional support role, and now transition into elegant design focal points that suit community and council or government expectations. These walls, originally devised to stabilise landscapes and manage slopes, have evolved into dynamic elements that seamlessly blend form and function. Today, they stand as both practical boundaries and offer the ability to work with designs with a high level of specification including artistic statements. From seamlessly integrating with architectural designs to creating terraced gardens and tiered outdoor spaces, commercial retaining walls showcase their adaptability to any setting.  Wallmark can also come in at the construction stage and work with plans already developed. This is achievable by offering such a customisable product.


The Wallmark product range

We offer four core products that meet the needs for a variety of commercial projects.

Why Wallmark modular walls?

Contemporary, customisable design

Cost-effective to suit your budget

Hassle free installation

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Commercial Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in providing cost-effective acoustic panels and noise walls designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are ideally suited for large-scale projects and comply with all industry standards. They are versatile and find application in various sectors, including government initiatives, private ventures, and projects by organisations like Vic Roads. At Wallmark, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and specifications, collaborating seamlessly with other trades as required to ensure successful project outcomes.

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