Darley Stage 2 Noise Barrier

Darley Stage 2 Noise Barrier

Case Study: Darley Stage 2 Noise Barrier

Location: Darley Stage 2 Noise Barrier, Victoria

Wall Type: Steel Noise Barrier

Problem: The Darley Stage 2 project faced the challenge of mitigating noise pollution from the nearby highway, which affected the surrounding area.

Solution: Wallmark devised a comprehensive solution to address the noise issue effectively. Utilizing their expertise in noise barrier construction, Wallmark designed and installed a high-quality steel noise barrier along the perimeter of the project site. This barrier served as an effective shield, minimizing the impact of highway noise on the surrounding environment.

Key Metrics: The noise barrier constructed by Wallmark spanned a length of 326 meters and varied in height from 7 meters to 4.5 meters, ensuring optimal noise reduction capabilities across the entire length of the project site.

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