Sound Barrier Walls and Fencing

Sound Barrier Fencing Helps You Live a Quiet and Peaceful Life

Traffic Noise Reduction Fencing Helps You Live a Quiet and Peaceful Life

You know you're in need of traffic noise reduction when you're living next to a busy road or have noisy neighbours, especially when you have young children. The good news is that with Wallmark’s sound barrier systems, you can put all that in the past and enjoy a new found serenity!

How Does Noise Barrier Fencing Work?

Sound barrier fencing is designed to surround a property and reduce the amount of noise that can penetrate the property. The principle is that a solid structure can intercept sound waves and reduce the noise level in the shadow it casts. The closer the noise barrier wall is to the noise source or the receiver, the more effective it will be. Of course, the higher the sound walls are, the more efficient they will also be. The idea is to make sure that there is no direct line of sight between the source and the receiver.

When installing noise reduction fencing, you need to take a few matters into consideration. First of all, a sound proof fence has to also take into account weather conditions because it needs to be able to withstand wind forces in your area. And don’t forget that in a domestic setting, if you have young children, they might be tempted to climb the residential noise barrier itself.

Additionally, for proper noise mitigation (especially in the case of traffic noise reduction) it is important to locate the main noise source, so you can get an idea of the height your fence needs to be to maximise its efficiency.

Traffic noise reduction sound barrier wall

Wallmark Sound Barrier Solutions

Wallmark specialises in providing excellent domestic and commercial noise reduction solutions. Sound barrier fencing is not only highly effective due to the extremely strong composite combination it is built from, it’s also economical and easy to install due to its modular design.

Thanks to the innovative design, the acoustic barriers from Wallmark are highly effective without having to be extremely thick. At only 75 mm thick, these soundproofing panels offer a noise reduction of 28 decibels! Each individual panel is composed of a termite resistant panel core that absorbs little water, so you needn’t worry about mould or rotting, and has been treated with fire retardant. The exterior of these sound absorbing panels is fire resistant and has an impact resistant surface. The smooth finish makes it easy to apply paint or a texture of your choice but also makes it extremely difficult for children to climb.

Each panel of your sound barrier wall has been pre-engineered to be weather resistant and can easily withstand any wind conditions across Australia. Installation is also fast and simple. Dig a few holes, put the posts in, pour the concrete in and put the sound barrier fencing up. The panels can be cut on site to the right size using a hand saw. Minimal fuss for excellent results! Now sit back and relax in your peaceful home!

Wallmark Sound Barrier Fencing for Other Applications

Wallmark also manufactures sound barrier fencing for commercial and industrial applications. For example, the Dunewall system has been designed to be an extra high noise reduction solution, including for usage in highway sound barriers as well as on mining and construction sites. This smart road noise reduction system can easily be customised to provide not only acoustic protection but to act as a dust barrier as well. If security is a concern, the Dunewall system can be modified to include spikes or razor wire holders.

If you have need of a more light-weight system, Evowall roadside sound barriers are the perfect solution as they have been designed to be a cost effective solution mainly for commercial needs. Made of lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium, this type of sound barrier fencing is simple to install, since no heavy lifting equipment is required.

Whether you want to shut the noise out so you can live a peaceful, quiet life or are looking for noise reduction solutions for a commercial or industrial site, Wallmark has the perfect sound barrier fencing for everyone’s needs.

Reach out to our expert team if you're interested in hearing more. We cater to residential, commercial and industrial projects.