Acoustic Fencing

What’s the difference between absorptive and reflective acoustic fencing?

There are two types of sound walls: absorptive and reflective. Before you install your acoustic fencing solution, it’s important to understand the difference. Absorptive sound walls take in sound energy, while reflective sound walls push sound energy back across the source (away from the receiver) and into the atmosphere.

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What do reflective noise reduction panels do?

Reflective noise reduction walls are a great option for reducing and managing noise emissions created by vehicles and traffic in particular, but can also be used to reflect noise pollution created by the following sources:

  • general neighbourhood noise
  • populated parks and schools
  • train noise
  • local construction noise
  • road noise

AcoustX is the standard panel we offer and is perfect for reflecting outside noise. Tested to meet Australian engineering standards, our modular walls are designed to manage and reflect unwanted noise.

Reflective Noise wall

The Wallmark product range

We offer three core products that meet the needs for a variety of residential projects.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Acoustic fencing offers a targeted solution to mitigate noise intrusion from nearby sources, such as schools. These specialised fencing systems are designed with advanced materials and sound-absorbing technologies to significantly reduce the transmission of noise. By creating a barrier that absorbs, reflects, and diffuses sound waves, acoustic fencing can provide a noticeable reduction in noise levels, creating a more conducive environment for learning and work.

Our residential acoustic walls have various height options available, 2.4m (Evowall), 2.7m (Urbanwall) and 3m (Techniko) in height. 

To effectively mitigate road noise, we recommend exploring our range of acoustic modular walls. These specialised walls are designed to absorb and reflect sound waves, creating a barrier that significantly reduces the intrusion of road noise. Depending on factors such as the distance from the road and the desired level of noise reduction, our acoustic modular walls can provide a noticeable improvement in creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.


Why Wallmark modular walls?

Contemporary, customisable design

Cost-effective to suit your budget

Hassle free installation

Residential Modular Walls

Wallmark specialises in affordable acoustic panelling and decorative feature walls for residential endeavours. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner, an architect, builder, developer, or business owner, Wallmark offers a range of SMART soundproof fencing and walls to help you mitigate noise, save both time and money, all while maintaining a high level of style.

The Wallmark system is thoroughly proven through quality installations.

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